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Tom's Classic Climbs

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Here is my life list of most memorable rock climbs...

These are my favorites so far. I wish I could put them in order, but it'd be too hard.

Tom’s Classic Climbs

Rock, Route, Place

Half Dome, Regular Route NorthWest Face, Yosemite
Washington Column, South Face, Yosemite (Top 10)
Bear Creek Spire, North Arete, Sierra
Fairview Dome, Regular Route North Face, Yosemite (Top 10)
Mt. Whitney, East Face, Sierra
El Capitan, West Face ,Yosemite
Matterhorn, Hornli Ridge, Swiss Alps
Mt. Shasta, Avalanche Gully, Cascades
Tahquitz, Coffin Nail to Traitor Horn, Tahquitz
Mt. Hood, Palmer Glacier -Hogsback, Cascades
Lost Arrow Spire, Tip & Tyrolean Traverse, Yosemite
Middle Cathedral, East Buttress, Yosemite
Demon Dome, The Number of the Beast, Needles (Top 10)
Witch, Igor Unchained, Needles
Dome Rock, Tree Route, Dome Rock
Mt. Conness, North Ridge, Sierra
Cathedral Peak, SE Buttress, Yosemite
Matthes Crest, South Ridge Traverse, Yosemite
Frankensteins, Root Canal, Sonora Pass
The Grotto, Chicken Ranch Bingo, Table Mountain
Echo Peaks, #1-8, Yosemite
Eichorn Pinnacle, North Face, Yosemite
Prusik Peak, West Ridge, Cascades
Petit Grepon, South Face, Rocky Mountains
Devil’s Tower, El Matador, Wyoming
Devil’s Tower, Durrance Route, Wyoming
Leaning Tower, Spaceshot, Zion
Surrealistic Pillar, Lover’s Leap (both starts) (Top 10)
Manure Pile Buttress, Nutcracker Yosemite
P-Wall, P-Crack, Bishop Peak
Royal Arches, Regular Route, Yosemite
Tenaya Peak, Northwest Buttress, Yosemite
Liberty Bell, Becky Route, Cascades
South Early Winters Spire, South Arete, Cascades
Charlotte Dome, South Face, Sierra
Hammer Dome, Wings & Stings, Sierra
Hammer Dome, Gemini Crack, Sierra
The Red Wall, Yellow Spur, Eldorado Canyon
Needles, Cerberus, Black Hills South Dakota
Mescalito, Cat in the Hat, Red Rocks
Mescalito, Dark Shadows, Red Rocks
Daff Dome, West Crack, Yosemite
Stately Pleasure Dome, Westcountry, Yosemite
Stately Pleasure Dome, Great White Book, Yosemite
Stately Pleasure Dome, South Crack,Yosemite
Low Profile Dome, Golfer’s Route, Yosemite
Tollhouse Rock, Tollhouse Traverse, Tollhouse
Tollhouse Rock, Wandering Taoist, Tollhouse
Shangri La, Cottonmouth, Shuteye Ridge
Shangri La, Euphoria, Shuteye Ridge
Kernville Rock, Lieback, Kernville Slab (Top 10)
Cyclops, The Eye, Joshua Tree
Fautly Tower, Stradivarius, Owen’s River Gorge
Rib Rock, M&M Route, Heller Rocks
Black Wall, Tree Route, Sespe Gorge
Headstone Rock, SW Corner, Joshua Tree
Mt. Sill, Swiss Arete, Sierra
Discovery Wall, Ordeal, Pinnacles
The Hatchet, Pinnacles
Discovery Wall, Swallow Crack, Pinnacles
Twin Rocks, Thau-Slater, Hwy 166
Slate’s Spire, Regular Route, Big Sur
Quarry Wall, Omegaman, Bishop Peak
Green Rock, Amputation, Cerro Romualdo
Gibraltar Rock, The Nose, Gibraltar
Hidden Dome, Hands Down, Figueroa Mtn.
Voodoo Dome, White Punks On Dope, Needles
Demon Dome, Devil Worshipper, Needles (top 10)

Monolith, Post Orgasmic Depression, Pinnacles
Sheep Ranch, Little Hottie, Hwy 166

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